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The Founders

Brothers Dan and Frank Carney are the founders of Pizza Hut. They borrowed $600 from their parents in 1958 and opened a pizza restaurant and after learning the trade quickly, the business began to grow.
Peter Boizot is a British entrepreneur, politician, art collector and philanthropist, but he is most well known as the founder of PizzaExpress. Boizot founded the chain in 1965 after finding he was unable to eat an authetic Italian pizza in London.

The Country of Origin

Pizza Hut is an international franchise, founded in America. It is one of the world’s largest fast food restaurant chains.
PizzaExpress is a restaurant group started in London. It has over 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 40 overseas in Europe, India, Middle East and Hong Kong.

The Logo

The Pizza Hut logo originally featured a mascot called Pete, but in 1968 this changed to the classic name and famous “red roof”. In November 2014, Pizza Hut announced a major change to their logo, menu and the look of their restaurants. They have changed the logo 8 times since 1958.
Italian cartoonist Enzo Apicella designed the original PizzaExpress logo. He also designed over 80 restaurants. The logo has stayed the same ever since the founding, but in 2002, PizzaExpress launched a design partnership with pop artist Peter Blake.

The Pizza

Pizza Hut's pizzas come in different sizes and you can choose which type of crust and base you would like as well. Although there are also low-calorie options, a standard Pizaa Hut pizza has a thicker, more doughy base and crust.
PizzaExpress has a vast array of pizzas on their menu including a choice of bases, their low-calorie range, and gluten-free options. The PizzaExpress pizza is generally thinner than PizzaHut, staying authentic to its Italian roots. You can now buy PizzaExpress products in supermarkets to cook at home.

The Price

An individual Pepperoni Feast pizza from Pizza Hut is £9.99
The equivalent in PizzaExpress (American pizza on a classic base) would be £10.10