Junk food

Junk food

Healthy food

Healthy food

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Good news

On the whole, junk food is cheaper than healthy food. It is also more convenient, whether that’s buying a meal out or a ready meal to cook at home. Because of the higher amounts of sugar and salt, junk food usually has a stronger taste, which is more appealing to a wider group of people.
Those who eat a healthy diet are more likely to live longer, have better all-round health, be of a suitable weight for their age and height, and feel more satiated after eating. Eating a healthy diet is often referred to as “eating a rainbow”, as your food will look brighter and more colourful if you have more vegetables and fruits on your plate.

Bad news

Eating a diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods means a higher risk of contracting heart disease, cancer or diabetes, through being overweight or obese. You are also likely to suffer from malnutrition, which will cause illness like fatigue and colds.
If you’re eating foods with little amounts of fat, sugar or salt, you will need to find alternative ways to help flavour your meals. You will also have trouble when eating out, as even if meals are prepared freshly, they are likely to be cooked in butter or other forms of fat.


Junk food addiction is chemical, and has been compared by experts to that of a cocaine addiction. Because junk food is not generally very filling, this often leads to overeating.
Cravings for healthy food usually come after eating too much junk food. Often the effects of eating junk, such a feeling sick or sluggish, makes people return to a healthy diet.


Junk is food that has small amounts of vitamins and minerals, but high amounts of fat, sugar, salt or caffeine. These generally make the foods higher in calories too.
Healthy food is defined simply as a food that is beneficial to your health and wellbeing. This often means they are natural and are a good source of nutrients.